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Richard Salfenmoser

General Manager

Richard Salfenmoser is a world traveler, passionate about fine wines, good food, and excellent hospitality. Fittingly, he’s devoted the past several decades to leading front-of-house teams, in several popular New York and New Jersey restaurants- most recently as Food and Beverage Director for Vintage Spirits. At Spuntino, Richard’s focused on providing the best service, by following the path he’s always taken: Committing to building genuine relationships with front and back-of-house teams, and with our diners. Day to day, you’ll find him focused on operations, program collaboration, and ensuring that our guests experience exceptional service. On his days off, Richard hikes, which helps him recharge, and dream up his next international vacation.

FAVORITE SPUNTINO MENU ITEM: The Spuntino Board (the perfect crowd pleaser)